About ORRA

ORRA is a movement of oil and gas project affected persons in Hoima which started in 2012 as a pressure group to protect the rights of the oil refinery project affected persons especially women, youth and the elderly. Later in 2014, we registered as a CBO by Hoima Local government to promote human rights of oil project affected persons and environment conservation amidst oil developments.

The organization was formed following a community outcry when government of Uganda through Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development acquired 29 sq. Km of land and displaced 7,118 people from 13 villages in Kabaale parish, Buseruka sub county. Since then, we have been at the forefront to promote the rights of oil project affected people through sharing our experience especially with women who in most cases are not fully engaged during the land acquisition processes like it was evidenced in our area in 2012.

Through lobby, research and community education, ORRA works with oil project directly affected communities, CSOs, cultural, religious and local government leaders to ensure that the rights of vulnerable communities are given a priority and protected amidst the oil developments.

Our Vision:

A community where environmental conservation and Human Rights of vulnerable communities are given a priority.

Our Mission:

To promote environment and human rights of vulnerable communities with a focus on women and youth in Albertine region.


To promote environmental conservation and community livelihoods amidst oil and gas development activities in the Albertine region.

To advocate for inclusive participation of communities at all levels in the natural resource’s governance through a meaningful consultation.

To enhance communities’ resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change

Core Values:

ORRA’s core values direct our actions and guide the strategies used while engaging communities and leaders on all aspects of life such political, social, cultural and economic factors. The core values include;


ORRA’s system of approach seeks to involve stakeholders at every stage of development of its activities. ORRA uses Participatory Rural Appraisal that allows communities to take part in the analysis of their problems and thus come up with alternative solutions to their problems.


ORRA ensures social equity and justice while executing its activities. This is to ensure the promotion of everyone’s rights and building common understanding among the communities.


ORRA ensures that communities take part in decision making while planning for its activities, and information sharing is what we treasure most. This is done through community meetings and engaging relevant government agencies.


ORRA is open to community scrutiny and committed to accounting for all the funds and resources in its possession to their stakeholders. The organization also holds their members accountable for any cause of their actions. This is done to shape behaviors of members in the organization.


ORRA does not subscribe to any political affiliation in the country. The organization is committed to promoting human rights of communities and ensuring transparency and accountability.