About Us

OIL REFINERY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION is a community-based organization dedicated to promoting sustainable environmental use and land rights of vulnerable communities in the Albertine region of Uganda.

Based in the Albertine region -Uganda, the organization was born out of the need to contribute to efforts of environmental conservation and protection of land rights for the poor and the venerable communities amidst oil activities and developments in Uganda. Through lobby, research and community education, ORRA works with vulnerable communities, cultural, religious and local government leaders to ensure that natural resources are utilized in an environmentally conservation manner and land rights of vulnerable communities are protected

Our Vision: A community where environmental conservation and Human Rights of vulnerable communities are given a priority.

Our Mission: To promote environmental conservation and land rights of vulnerable communities in Albertine region.

To promote environmental conservation amidst oil exploration and development activities in the Albertine region.
To advocate for full participation of communities at all levels of oil activities through a meaningful consultation
To promote and support sensitization initiatives of communities in oil region of Uganda.

To empower women and a girl child to take part in decision making for their property.

To empower communities to demand for transparency and accountability in the management and utilization of oil resources.